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Hey there 👋 and Welcome to the Jungle! This website is a collection of opinion articles and guides on tech and engineering. Whether you’re an engineer, a curious student, or just someone who loves tech, we hope that these posts will entertain, enlighten, and maybe even challenge you a bit.


Be more productive with Git bisect
·4 mins
When we’re developing, we’re not going to lie: we waste a lot of our time debugging. If I had to divide up the time I spend developing, I’d do it like this:
How to set up multiple SSH keys for multiple accounts
·4 mins
I have personal and work accounts on GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. How could I set all of this to work properly through SSH keys so that my system relies on the correct SSH key based on the identity it needs to use.
VS Code - using regular expressions in find / replace
·3 mins
A quick reminder to use regular expressions in VS Code. This is a feature I use frequently, but not enough to remember the patterns when I need them.